Office Storage Specialists

Office Storage Specialists, Townsville Office Furniture has 47 years experience in steel shelving installations for document storage. Steel shelving can be in the form of static or mobile (compactor units).

In this age of electronic media storage the use of hard copy is becoming less frequent. But there is still a need for records to be kept for several years and this is where health practices, hospitals and schools call on businesses with the expertise to carry out an installation.

Individual Design

Every situation is different in relation to material to be stored and available space. This is where knowledge of the products comes into play to design a solution. This recent installation is atypical example. The size of the files required the shelves to be 300mm deep. The room was secure so did not require locking bays. And this enabled the bays to be double sided which made them very stable. The room allowed the shelves to be 1200mm wide with an 800mm aisle. The design allowed for maximum storage and saved money on locking and stabilisation.

The clients are very happy with the outcome.

Australian Made

The product used in many of our installations is APC who are very reliable and quick.

APC Storage Technology is a proudly Australian owned business, leading in the design, engineering and manufacturing of warehouse storage solutions.

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