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Why SitStand Desks?

Why SitStand Desks? Stand for a while, then sit for a while. But don’t stand too long. That is not good either. Mix it up. If you stand or move around during the day, you will feel more energy and fitter.  if you sit at a desk you have a higher chance of having health […]

108 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets

Take a look at a recent fit-out we did for the 108 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets.Orderly room (computer desks), CO Office, Shed (racking), and 3 Training office #officefurniture #interiordesign #officedesign #furniture #office

Benches for all purposes

Benches for all purposes can be supplied by Townsville Office Furniture. Benches made to your specification. Large, small, high, steel frame, laminate or timber top. You name it, we will supply it! When people think of office furniture they generally think of the basic desks, chairs and filing cabinets. But Townsville Office Furniture can supply […]

Roma Ergonomic Chair Special

Roma Ergonomic Chair Special is great bargain! Upholstered in a smart Dark Blue fabric and at 30% off. That is a savings of $130! Description The Roma 3 lever chair’s exceptionally comfortable seat and supportiveback (available in both highback and midback options) more than match itsmodern good looks. Its many seat and back position adjustments […]

SitStand Desk Operation

SitStand Desk Operation is a matter of personal experimentation to find best proportion of standing and sitting for you. Should I purchase a SitStand Desk and stand all day? We know that prolonged sitting causes serious health issues, but standing can be tiring and uncomfortable after an hour. A SitStand Desk allows you to frequently […]

Protective Workstation Screens

Protective Workstation Screens help to protect your staff from infection. Acrylic Sneeze Screens are manufactured specifically for workstation systems means that they fit exactly and look neat. There are no gaps or overlaps and are all the same level. Screens are available in widths to suit 1200, 1500 and 1800mm wide and 700 – 900mm […]

3-Lever Chairs vs Synchronised Chairs

3-Lever Chairs vs Synchronised Chairs – the Buro Mentor Synchro offers the latest in contemporary and ergonomic design. 3-Lever Chairs 3-Lever Chairs are great if you have precise needs, giving you an extensive range of positions and adjustments to get your chair exactly how you want it for your posture and the tasks you’re doing. […]

Office Storage Specialists

Office Storage Specialists, Townsville Office Furniture has 47 years experience in steel shelving installations for document storage. Steel shelving can be in the form of static or mobile (compactor units). In this age of electronic media storage the use of hard copy is becoming less frequent. But there is still a need for records to […]

Don’t be misled by big chair weight ratings

(all is not always as it seems!) There’s a lot of advertising talk lately about office chairs having a ‘weight rating’ in some cases of more than 200kg. Some of these ratings are misleading, and light on for science, in Furntech’s opinion. Why is this so? It is the difference between having a mass of […]