Office Desks

SitStand Desk Operation

SitStand Desk Operation is a matter of personal experimentation to find best proportion of standing and sitting for you. Should I purchase a SitStand Desk and stand all day? We know that prolonged sitting causes serious health issues, but standing can be tiring and uncomfortable after an hour. A SitStand Desk allows you to frequently […]

Protective Workstation Screens

Protective Workstation Screens help to protect your staff from infection. Acrylic Sneeze Screens are manufactured specifically for workstation systems means that they fit exactly and look neat. There are no gaps or overlaps and are all the same level. Screens are available in widths to suit 1200, 1500 and 1800mm wide and 700 – 900mm […]

Setting up Ergonomic Home Office

Now that people are working remotely it is still important to make sure the work space is set up well for long hours working on your computer and doing Zoom meetings. If you already have a desk which suits the room there is equipment available to convert it into a SitStand set up. Desk Converters […]

Styling Affordable Office Furniture

In fact, styling affordable office furniture is easier than you think. With some clever planning and accessories, you can create a stylish and functional workspace that won’t cost the earth. Workstations Maximise space and create an efficient working environment with Rapid Eternity double sided workstations The stylish Eternity leg, in black or white, adds style […]

Why SitStand Desks?

Why SitStand Desks? Stand for a while, then sit for a while. But don’t stand too long. That is not good either. Mix it up. If you stand or move around during the day, you will feel more energy and fitter.  if you sit at a desk you have a higher chance of having health […]

Secondhand Office Workstations

Secondhand Office Workstations choices are very interesting at Townsville Office Furniture. As well as the standard 1800 x 1800 in Beech/Ironstone there are some larger ones with white tops and metal frames. If you are looking for something different that will give your office a feel that is just right for you, then come in […]

Secondhand Office Desks

Secondhand Office Desks are ideal for the budget minded. Townsville Office Furniture is a licensed secondhand dealer. Therefore we are specialists in procuring and reselling good quality office furniture. Our showroom carries a good range of office desks at all times. It pays to check out what is available by visiting our website page or […]

Executive Office Suite Clearance

Executive Office Suite Clearance includes large bow front timber desk and matching wall unit with glass doors. Fantastic value for the executive who treasures a traditional office. Bendix Macquarie Executive Wall UnitCredenza 1800mm long x 520mm deep x 730mm highOverhead Bookcase 1800mm long x 375mm deep x 1200mm highwith Swing Glass DoorsMahogany timber veneer with […]

Office Furniture Clearance Sale

All secondhand office desks, workstations, bookcases, tables, chairs prices have been reduced. We have accumulated too much stock, so we need to clear out all the old stock. There is a great range of stock in good condition, so now is the time to set up your home office or start up company. Good size […]