Secondhand Visitor Chairs

$50Visitor Chairs (2)

Secondhand Visitor Chairs

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Secondhand Visitor Chairs covers reception chairs, training room chairs, lunchroom chairs and the like.

Pair of visitor chairs in teal/green colour. They have armrests and are stackable. $100 for pair.


Secondhand Visitor Chairs

Tub chair set – single, one & half seater and two seater $360 for set.

Timer frame visitor chairs – mahogany finish frame, burgundy fabric. 2 available at $60 each.

Counselling tub chairs with retro style back and quality fabric. 5 available at $300 each.

Secondhand Visitor Chairs

Secondhand visitor chairs includes reception seating such as lounge chairs, tub chairs and beam seating.

Reception beam seating with 3 seats and arm at each end. 2 available at $200 each.

Tub chairs with velvet-like fabric. 2 available at $150 each

Mesh back visitor chairs. 5 available at $60 each.

Secondhand Visitor Chairs

Visitor chairs with green fabric. Chrome sled bases, one with armrests, one without. $70 for the 2.

Secondhand visitor chairs are all the PVC seat/back and upholstered chairs and can be used for training and dining.

PV Stackable chair. 23 available at $50 each.

Nova stackable chair in blue fabric. $40 each

Secondhand Visitor Chairs

Adam chair is a very popular training room chair. When new it carries an AFRDI certificate which means it has had significant quality and safety tests.

There are some black and some blue ones available at $50 each.

Secondhand Adam Chair Black