Secondhand Filing Cabinets

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Secondhand Filing Cabinets

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Go 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

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Secondhand Filing Cabinets are a good option to save money.

Some are as good as new but half the price. Some are older and good value when they are in good condition.

There GO four drawer Filing Cabinets in Graphite Ripple are great value. Basically new and are priced at $180 each including GST. Check out our page for new ones where the same cabinet is listed for $388.

Secondhand Filing Cabinets

These Elitebuilt four drawer secondhand filing cabinets are running out for $150 including GST. Elitebuilt had a reputation for strong and sturdy.

Secondhand Filing Cabinets

Planex two drawer security cabinets are constructed of 5mm steel. These cabinets were Class B security but have been drilled out and are no longer rated.

With some modifications they could be made into high security storage at home. Great value at $220 each.

Secondhand Filing Cabinets